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We provide a smart range of services to busy individuals, such as you, to care of your errands making your life easy. This ensures that you have time for what's really important for you. So trust us with your everyday necessities.



From birthday gifts to grocery shopping, we become your extended self never missing our timelines, taking off load from your busy schedule.





Our genies are an expert when it comes to handling financial situations. We will manage your banking requirements and monitor your investments and only disturb you when it gets really important.





Anything that requires you to bear the fruit of patience and makes you wait for your turn in a queue, while you simply can't afford the luxury of time; just let us do it for you and you carry on with your priorities.






Not only we update you of the events happening around you, we also get you exclusive tickets to attend your favourite ones. Never miss out on anything because you have a magic lamp now.






Got a ticket to be resolved? Need a driving license? We make you skip your trips to the Rto office. Want extra manpower to handle your corporate errands? Get a presentation designed or search for vendors;just tell us what you want and we send our genies to your rescue.






As the world is getting smaller; the need of getting around it is increasing. Anytime you need to travel anywhere in the world, let your genie make all kinds of reservations for you so that you have a carefree trip.







How does the Magic happen

We have a team of genies that are equipped to handle specific tasks. We customise our services to provide you the most personal experience. Just follow these quick steps to make your life easy.


Go through our wide range of specially curated services and select the ones that suit your needs.


Select the time and date that suits you, so that the executive reaches on time.



We leave no stone unturned to provide you a solution. So just sit back and let us work our magic.



We constantly try to move towards perfection and your feedback pushes us towards it. Let the world know how we help you.

What People are saying



Failure did not deter Akhilesh Pandya, who went on to set up GenieOnCall, which claims to do everything where your physical presence is not mandatory. In short, it eases you out of those routine chores that unnecessarily take up too much of your time and effort

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Outsource Your Worries

GenieOnCall was created because modern day living creates more demands on people than ever before. We corporate are victims of this vicious circle, which is hard to break out of. Often, we find ourselves struggling to hit the peak of Maslow's hierarchy. Just as we lay out our cards we delve into significant necessities. This robs us of the time that we could have used to advance further or simply enjoy that "me and my family" time.

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GenieOnCall - A Thursday Business Feature

We believe in magic and happy endings, life is a wonderful journey to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest. When we were little, we used to listen to the story of the Magic Lamp and wished for a genie to fulfill our three wishes. It was a dream then but now a reality, thanks to Mr Akhilesh Pandya, founder of GenieOnCall. After 16 years of working with distinguished names in various parts of Europe, USA and Asia, Akhilesh started from scratch, and introduced the GenieOnCall concept in India to see it pick up with gusto.

During the course of the interview, Akhilesh shared his journey with us and told us how his company, which was started in Agra reached Delhi and won over peoples' hearts and succeeded in making many of their wishes come true. He says, "GenieOnCall is a Lifestyle Management Assistant service provider. A Genie, who knows how to manage human life effortlessly, dedicated to solving problems, saving time and making everyone's life easier. Genie takes the onus and complete responsibility for the work assigned to her. She goes that extra mile for you and makes favorable things happen. Genie takes pride in charting out and executing the little things while you focus on the big picture."

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When Wishes Come True - Akhilesh Pandya's lifestyle management service wants to make your worries disappear

GenieOnCall, which started off in January 2012 as a virtual assistant but has quickly expanded to become a "lifestyle management assistant", offering help in almost everything - from paying utility bills and organising birthday parties to making a presentation, software and web development to architecture and interior design. Nearly 18 months later, Pandya's start-up will close FY14 with a projected Rs 50 lakh in revenue, has close to 400 clients and is expanding out of its home base in Agra, to the National Capital Region (NCR)..

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